Being aware of the role of innovation in economic growth in the post-industrial world, Research is the best vector, for my case, to contribute to this endogenous growth. During my entire scholarship, I have shown great interest to Mathematical problems and their power in grasping the reality around us. That is why I have decided to start a PhD thesis on Computer Vision and Remote Sensing. I look forward to joining a start-up to put in good practice the skills hence acquired.


Teaching assistant

Sept. 2017 - this day
ENSG, Champs-sur-Marne

Teaching Geomatics engineering students:

  • Image Representation: theoretical and practical course;
  • SVM and Feature selection: theoretical and practical courses.

PhD student

Oct. 2016 - this day
MATIS | IGN , Saint-Mandé

Evaluation and selection of 3D city modelling techniques:

  • Work in progress.

Research Analyst

May. 2016 - Jul. 2016
Berexia, La Garenne-Colombes

Identity card information retrieval software:

  • Benchmarking different detection schemes:
    • R-CNN,
    • Morphological transformations and edge based detectors;
  • Using AWS and caffe framework;
  • Developping an annotation tool.

Research Analyst

Sep. 2015 - Apr. 2016
Smiths Detection, Vitry-sur-seine

Illegal object detection using X-ray Imaging:

  • Benchmarking different feature extractors applied to radioscopic imaging:
    • SIFT,
    • HoG,
    • ScatNet,
    • pre-trained ConvNets.
  • Adapting Classifiers to large datasets : online SVM, batch PCA.
  • Analyzing scientific articles for practical purposes.

Research Intern

Apr. 2014 - Aug. 2014
CERMICS, Champs-sur-Marne

Fermion Monte Carlo:

  • Analysis of Fermion Monte Carlo without fixed nodes.


Jul. 2014 - Aug. 2014
ONE, Casablanca

Wind turbine value chain analysis for industrial integration:

  • Analyzing Wind turbine supply chain.
  • Evaluating the capacity of the Moroccan industry to integrate the Wind turbine industry.


PhD student

Oct. 2016 - this day

  • Scientific courses in Geographic Information Science and Computer Vision,
  • Professional courses in project management and pedagogy.
  • Master of Science

    Sep. 2014 - Dec. 2015

    Master Mathématique Vision Apprentissage (MVA): Majoring in Machine Learning.

    • Deep Learning,
    • Wavelets & Scattering Transform,
    • Kernel methods,
    • Probabilistic Graphical Models,
    • High-dimension statistics,
    • Markov chain Monte-Carlo simulation,
    • Graphs in Machine learning,
    • Reinforcement learning,
    • Compressed Sensing and Parsimony,
    • Text mining.

    Applied School

    Sep. 2014 - Jun. 2016
    Ponts ParisTech, Paris-Est

    Formation complémentaire d'ingénieur: Application year for the "Ingénieur Polytechnicien" curriculum. Majoring in Machine Learning and statistics ( c.f. MVA ):

    • Machine Learning,
    • Corporate Finance.

    Grande Ecole

    Sep. 2011 - Jun. 2016
    Ecole Polytechnique, Paris-Saclay

    Majoring in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Physics:

    • Statistics,
    • Operational Research & Optimization,
    • Stochastic calculus,
    • Partial differential equation,
    • Quantum Physics,
    • Statistical Physics,
    • Restricted Relativity,
    • Variational formulated physics.

    Ecole Prépatoire

    Sep. 2009 - Jul. 2011

    Preparing the "Concours Grandes Ecoles" in Mathematics and Physics.

    Skills & Proficiency

    Machine Learning & Computer Vision

    Differential Equations

    Stochastic Processes




    Matlab & Scilab